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We develop and supply tasty Cranberry Non Alcoholic Beer, Blueberry Non Alcoholic Beer, Peach Non Alcoholic Beer, and many other non alcoholic beer of unique flavors.

Tea, coffee, or lemonade are some of the most common beverages that are consumed in India. But when it comes to parties or special events, people are bored of these drinks and crave something unique and different. To delight the tastebuds and serve a refreshing drink, River Leaf Beverages, began its operations. We are a manufacturer with a high passion for supplying unique and tasty Non Alcoholic Beers. These are formulated by us in different flavours, including, Peach Non Alcoholic Beer, German Lager Non Alcoholic Beer, and Blueberry Non Alcoholic Beer. We have a state-of-the-art processing setup, where modern plants, machines, and facilities are maintained to have a speedy production process, involving minimal human touch.
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They have been formulated by experts in different flavors to offer an option for different tastes and preferences.

Our beverages are rich in taste, fresh, have a longer shelf life, and are healthy to be consumed as compared to other carbonated soft drinks.

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